As some of you may know, I moved from Germany to England this February. It’s not only a foreign country for me, it’s also a different language and new people around me.

I’m really happy to be here, but sometimes it can be hard to be the new one. Somehow I managed to feel at home in London super quickly so I thought I could share some of the tips that helped me feel at home.


Make sure you speak and understand the language

Okay, my first point may seem a bit too obvious, but I’m serious. Don’t move country when you can’t speak the language! First, you maybe get away with some small talk, but after a while you probably want to make friends, etc. so always work on your language skills. When you’re on a night out with your friends you don’t want to be the person who doesn’t get the jokes, believe me!

So even when you think you’re already good at speaking and understanding your new country’s language, there’s always space for some improvement. One of the easiest ways for me is watching YouTube videos, they’re free and usually contain many jokes, so that’s perfect for getting used to using humour in another language.


Make friends

Speaking of friends, it is probably a good idea to make friends with some natives in your new country. I know, you’ve already got the best friends in the world. But: They’re still in your home country. And it doesn’t matter how great they are, you also need to make friends with some people here. Sometimes you just need a hug and then someone who’s not living in another country would be the best choice, right?

Don’t get me wrong, staying in contact with your friends from home is really important as well! (M├Ądelts, in case you read this, I miss you!) But in my opinion, it is also very important to have some friends where you actually live.


It’s normal to miss your loved ones

Homesickness. I’m afraid that’s something you will feel sooner or later. But that’s okay! And absolutely normal!

To be honest, I’ve never had the problem of feeling homesick before I moved to England. Even as a young girl I always wanted to have sleepovers at my friend’s houses, the more the better! Then I became older and went on holidays without my parents. I’ve even been on a holiday completely on my own, not a big deal for me.

But moving country did something to me. It’s not like I’m sad all the time and I miss everyone so badly that I can’t enjoy my life here anymore. But spending time with my family and friends is now way more important for me. By spending time I mean for example talking or skyping with them ;)

So when you feel homesick just plan a skype date with the person you miss. That will definitely make you feel better! And remember: You’re not alone. Everyone feels like this sometimes!


That’s it for today, I really hope some of you can use my advice!

How do you make yourself feel at home in another country? Let me know in the comments down below!


See you soon, Monique xx


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