Last time I wrote about English things I find weird so I thought it’s time to create a post about German things I find weird.

Have you experienced some weird things in Germany? Let me know!

German things I find weird


So my first point is about bread. In Germany we have sooooo many different kinds of bread. I read somewhere that no other country has as many kinds of bread as Germany has. I guess it’s weird for non-Germans but it’s a thing I absolutely love!

Also, what you call bread we just call toast, because it’s not a proper bread for us.

So if you ever come to Germany: Try the amazing bread! 😉

And because I love and miss the German bread so much, here a few ‘artsy bread pictures’. 😀


German things I find weird

There’s nothing better than a good bread with jam!

German things I find weird


Lunch, Dinner?!

I guess in most other countries it’s quite common to have a simple lunch and then a proper cooked dinner. But in Germany it’s usually the lunch that is the proper meal each day. For dinner we simply have a piece of bread with cheese or something. It’s what Bavarians call Brotzeit.

We listen to the Backstreet Boys

Yes, we still listen to the Backstreet Boys. It’s 2017 but we still loooove listening to 90’s music. When you go to a party, at around 1 a.m. they’ll start playing popular 90’s music!

My boyfriend (He’s English) was a bit shocked when we were at a Christmas party in Germany and they played great stuff like that and literally everyone started singing along. But that’s how the Germans like to party 😉 obviously not all of us, but many of us.

Also you can hear music like 70’s, 80’s and 90’s music in our radios. I just love it!

Our National Anthem

The German national anthem has 3 verses, but we only sing the 3rd! I’ve seen a folder from someone who learned German and she had to learn the whole anthem. But because of our history in Germany we just sing the 3rd one.

Believe me, the first 2 verses are bad. I’m not 100% sure, but I think they’re even forbidden.


You can translate Fasching with the word carnival and most of the Germans are absolutely obsessed with it!

It’s all over Germany and everyone is dressed up in a costume. It is a party in the streets, converted lorries are driving around and people on top of them are throwing sweets into the crowds. And literally everyone is sooo drunk! The party starts at 11.11 am so everyone gets drunk in the morning. It’s on a Monday, so people even skip work so they can be part of this weird tradition.

I’m absolutely not a fan of this tradition, mostly because I don’t drink that much alcohol so it’s very likely I get annoyed if I have to deal with all the drunk people around me. Unfortunately I wasn’t in Germany this Fasching, so sad! (Attention, sarcasm! :D)


So these are the things that came right into my mind, have I forgotten something that you find weird about Germany?


See you soon,

Monique xx

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