Hey there,

Today I want to tell you about how I met my boyfriend and you can believe me, it’s a really crazy story!

It all started during my holidays in London in september. To meet new people I went to lots of pubs but I also used Tinder (there are these group activities, so I met some people to play frisbee in Hyde Park for example) to see the city with some strangers during the day.

Tinder? Really?!

So like I told you I used Tinder to meet some new people but I was quite curious about the guys in London so I used it ‘the normal way’ as well. I had some matches but I didn’t connect to them, it felt really weird to text with them and it was quite obvious they were looking for one night stands, something I wasn’t and I’m still not interested in.

But one guy texed me and it was so much fun to talk to him! He started with a conversation about breakfast, what a good idea to start a chat. After a few hours I asked for his number because I really enjoyed texting him.

Unfortunately I was on the bus back to the airport then. I was really sad that we haven’t started texting the day I came to London, then we could have met during my holidays.

How to get to know someone that lives abroad

When I was back in Germany we kept texting. I was a bit insecure because I thought my English would be too bad and he would stop writing me. Obviously I made mistakes, I still do them but he was totally fine with it (Sometimes I say really stupid things so he has to correct me but most of the time it’s okay, I’d say).


Sunny day in Hyde Park after I met some people to olay frisbee

After a few weeks of texting one of us asked the other if we want to skype some time, it’s crazy, I can’t even remember who asked first. I just remember how nervous I was. I went totally crazy, my best friend and me even worked out the perfect camera angle so I’d look as good as possible (How stupid is that?!). I was so afraid my English wasn’t good enough or maybe I wasn’t able to understand him. Maybe we would have a good connection during texting but not during skyping?!

My heart was pounding so much when he called me! I pressed the green button to turn on the camera and I was so happy, he looked as good as I imagined him. After the first few minutes I noticed that the English wasn’t a problem at all. We talked about so many things and we found out that we have much in common. The conversation was so good, we skyped for 3 hours! If his phone would have worked for longer, I guess we had skyped the whole night.

Is he kidding?!

My best friend sent him a voicemessage on my birthday, that was a few days before the skypecall. She told him it was my birthday because I didn’t. Also she told him that I want a prober birthday present: his visit in Germany!

I instantly blushed during she recorded it, that wasn’t the thing I wanted her to say because I can be quite shy. He reacted like I hoped, he said yes (OMG!!) but I was afraid he was joking. A few days long we talked about how cool it would be if he’d come to Germany till I asked him if he was serious about this whole ‘He’s going to visit me’ thing.

A few weeks later we had a thing called ‘Fest des Federweißen’. Federweißen is a special kind of wine, it’s freshly made and tastes amazing! So I invited him to this party, a great opportunity to experience German culture.

It is really happening!

Surprisingly he liked that idea and he booked his flights. The airport is in the middle of nowhere and I don’t have a car so two friends of mine drove me to pick him up from there. I was incredibly nervous and courious what he was expecting. Does he like me? Do we like each other in person like we do during texting and skyping? There were millions of questions in my head.

So, this was the first part of how I met my boyfriend. Let me know if you have similar experiences with Tinder or dating a person that isn’t living in the same country as you do.

I know he’s reading this so I want to say: I love you! 💓

See you soon!