Hello guys,

Today I want to share a few tipps with you about how I try to get better at English. Of course, I already learned English in school but to be honest, what I learned wasn’t really useful. I can quote Shakespeare but I had massive problems with communication and understanding English speakers.

Obviously these tipps would work for any other language as well but I’m writing about English because that’s the language I want to improve.

I’d also love to read about your tipps and tricks to learn a new language or how to get better.


How I try to improve my English

Watch YouTube Videos

When I first started to get better at English I wanted to start with the hearing. For me it is easier to understand it when I can see the person while he or she is talking so I decided to watch YouTube videos. Also you can search for topics which you’re really interested in.

I started with watching Zoella, I don’t know why. I think someone told me that she has a lovely accent. And what should I say? Since then I really enjoy watching YouTube videos, especially those from British YouTubers.

When you want to learn a bit more about grammar, pronounciation and things like that I can recommend the channel English with Lucy! She gives great advice about the English language.


Listen to Audiobooks

For me, this is often a bit harder than watching a video or a film because I can’t see the expression of the face or the lips that are moving. I’m a huge Audible fan so I have an abonement, I get one audiobook every month and pay only 10 €.

I listend to the audiobook Girl Online and I really enjoyed it, the accent of the speaker is so lovely! 🙂

The good thing about an audiobook is, that you can control the speed of the speaker. So if they read to fast for you just make them speaking slower. Also I love to listen to a story before I go to sleep, amazing that there’s a sleeptimer! 😉


Use English as much as possible

Writing, writing, writing

One of the reasons why I started my blog was to improve my English. You can only get better in speaking another language when you try to use it as often as possible. And yes, you’ll make mistakes. But that’s okay, I also do mistakes, probably even in this post. Nobody’s perfect!

There’re some amazing opportunities to improve your writing skills. For example there is a homepage called Speaky where you can text with native speakers. Or just try to write down some stuff in English. That’s how my blog started. I didn’t want to type in things onto my laptop for nothing so I started sharing my posts.


Reading, reading, reading

Another great option to practice your understanding of English is to read. Read books, newspapers, blogs, anything you like.

Right now I’m absolutely obsessed with a book called Miss You. It’s a lovely book about love, family and adventures! Also I really enjoy reading other blogs and most of them are in English.


Speaking, speaking, speaking

I guess this point is the most difficult to actually do. You could talk to yourself or something but that usually feels a bit weird. Luckily I’ve got an advantage, my boyfriend is English and obviously we talk a lot so I have a lot of practice.

But even when you don’t have English speakers around you, you can speak English. Try to find an English speaking person who wants to practice your language. So you can meet and one hour you practice English and the other hour you practice your language together.

Also: Don’t be shy when you’re in the city and you hear someone speaking English. Just try to talk to them, ask them where they’re from, if they need advice, things like that. Usually foreigners are happy to see if someone wants to help, so give it a try!


Ok, I’ll make a cut here. There are still more things that I try to do to improve my English but if I’d write down everything this post would be waaaay too long!

Let me know if you like advice like this, then I can make similar posts like this one! 🙂


See you soon,

Monique xx


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