It’s time for another what I eat in a day! This time with a little twist though. I’m currently sitting next to the pool with the laptop on my lap, enjoying our holiday in Turkey! So here we go!

What I Eat In A Day | Holiday Edition


We’re on a holiday which means we’re having a lie in every morning. So the breakfast we’re having is more a brunch kinda thing. I don’t want to be too complicated and vegan milk is freaking expensive over here so I had some baguette with jam.

The most important and delicious thing though was the watermelon! The fruit here simply tastes so much better than in the UK or Germany because it’s locally grown. Yummy!

What I Eat In A Day Holiday Edition


For lunch, we had a simple salad with a nice tahini dressing. To make it more filling we added quite a lot of chickpeas and had a few slices of baguette as a side. It’s very easy to prepare so perfect for a lazy, hot day where you don’t want to cook.

What I Eat In A Day Holiday Edition


I’m in absolute fruit heaven right now! So whenever I can I snack on fruit. The most fun thing is to just spoon the melon out of the skin. But there are so many more great options for delicious and healthy snacks. There’s a fig tree growing right around the corner so I can have fresh figs all the time, too.

What I Eat In A Day Holiday Edition

Apart from that, I have a lot of nuts. Compared to England they’re quite cheap so great as a snack on the beach! And I totally forgot to take pictures of any fruit because I ate it as soon I saw it, sorry! 😀


Most nights we’re going out for dinner because we decided it’s too warm to cook in our apartment. I thought that could be a problem because many Turkish meals include dairy and meat but the people here are all so friendly and try their best to prepare a nice vegan meal for me.

The other night I had stuffed aubergine and OMG, it was soooo good! Before that, I was 100% sure I really don’t like aubergine but now I know better, it’s actually very delicious!

What I Eat In A Day Holiday Edition

This night’s dinner was a mix of sides turned into a main meal. Houmous, garlic mushrooms and fried veg, yum! I really like houmous anyway, but here in Turkey it’s even better than in the UK! The veg was fried with cumin so it had a very nice taste to it. And you can obviously never go wrong with a lot of garlic so the mushrooms were super delicious, too!

What I Eat In A Day | Holiday Edition

That’s it for today’s post, I need to cool down in the pool again!

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Monique xx